I Will Never Reach the Sun

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Apr 21

iceman-dln005 replied to your post: I had written out this long, thought out…

((we’ll miss you ;___; *HUUUUGS*))

Oh come on now, no tears, I’ll be around, and I won’t leave the chat unless I’m ousted, lol. I’m not heartless to just cut myself out and fully embrace the hermit lifestyle. (✿◠‿◠)

crashman replied to your post: I had written out this long, thought out…

((You will be missed! Almost two years! Thanks for playing, and know that if you ever want to, the door will always be open.))

I know, I’m an old fart, haha. But thank you. :) If my muse ever comes crawling back I probably will as well.(◑‿◐)

botofstone replied to your post: I had written out this long, thought out…

Good luck!! Thank you for RPing with me!!!

Aaah, I should be thanking you! You’re too kind, I really am super sorry for bailing on you in the middle of a thread. :C

Apr 21

I had written out this long, thought out resignation letter, but I couldn’t post it. Going out in a glorious gout of flames seems a better thing to do.

Watch me light up the sky as I crash and burn.

I feel like its time for me to hit the old dusty trail. I love Bubbles, I love Magnet, I love having this connection with them, but as of right now, this whole RP thing isn’t working out.

I’m barely online, but when I am, either no one is on, or absolutely nothing is going on. I have just lost my drive, my muse has skipped town on me. The will to post and start threads has been dwindling down to nothing.

Percy, Stone, I’m sorry to leave you guys hanging but I just don’t have it in me anymore. I love you both, I really do. You’re bright, beautiful stars that bring a smile to my face when I see you post and I feel awful for leaving in the middle of a thread.

I’ll be around, mostly on my personal blog. I’ll keep Skype up (piratecapnspazz) and AIM (PirateCapnSpazz, TheLadyDracula, or DWN011bubbleman).

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I Have Returned!!


Wednesday night we flooded a little bit and just today I finished putting my room back together. We thankfully didn’t get a lot of water, but we got enough to where my desk and bed were buried under things.

At some point, my mouse must have been hit and turned my laptop on, so if Skype or AIM has been saying that I’ve been online at any point in the past few days, it wasn’t true. :c 

If you needed me, or tried messaging me, I’m sorry! I wasn’t ignoring you, I promise! 

For those that don’t follow my personal.

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Bull shark in the blue by Jérôme C 

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Pulling. It. Off.


Pulling. It. Off.

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I made this for emmyc.tumblr.com, but there’s no reason the rest of the internet can’t bask in the glory.  I hope we can be super cool internet bros.  

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Adorable passed out pug puppies!


Adorable passed out pug puppies!

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Apr 16

How do you feel about the other water bots? — Anonymous

I guess I like them. :I

Aha, joking aside, Splash is a dear friend, she will always have a place in my core. Wave is pretty awesome, he likes my cooking and I know he has my back. :)

I should get to know the other water bots though.

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